“When my husband made a big mistake in our checkbook, we were about to bounce a bunch of checks. So my husband told me to take our deer rifles into Family Pawn to get the cash to cover his mistake. I said “What!” I had never borrowed money from a pawnshop before so I was really nervous. But they were so nice at Family Pawn. I was very impressed. The loan associate took time with me and explained how my guns would be securely stored in a climate-controlled vault. It was so simple, even my husband could have done it. Family Pawn sure helped my family!”

Mary M.
A+ Construction

I needed cash to pay my rent and figured I’d have to sell my stuff. I called and they explained what the difference was for selling my stuff or getting a loan. I sold some old rings, loose earrings and other junk and was able to get a loan on a bracelet my mother had given me. So I got the rent money I needed and didn’t have to sell what I wanted to keep. I love Family Pawn!

Mike C.

I went to Family Pawn with 2 gold chains and a cross charm. I cleaned out my jewelry box since I haven’t worn them in years. They were nothing special and I figured I would get $40 for everything. I told them that and they said, “No! We are not like that. We will give you what they are worth.” and they gave me over $100! They could have easily cheated me and I never would have known. I highly recommend this GREAT business.

Mr. John A.